About Us

Green buildings and homes are slowly making their mark in the real estate industry. Every year, some homeowners decide to take the leap and turn their homes into more environmental, energy efficient ones. While it can involve a significant amount of money, some homeowners prefer to take it step-by-step, installing one or two changes in a scheduled time. This is where Home Comfort Inspections come in.

Home Comfort Inspections specializes in selling energy efficient windows. Whether you plan to turn your traditional home into an energy efficient one or you need new windows for your green home, we have what you are looking for.

Our products are of excellent quality, functional, visually appealing, and innovative. Every one of them is designed to fit clients’ needs. You want a simple one; we have them. Do you want more intricate designs? We have them as well. Best of all, we provide you personalize services.

Here at Home Comfort Inspections, we do not only sell energy-efficient windows, but we also install them. And we do so in the most efficient manner ever. Likewise, we also replace windows. We do everything for you; if you need your old windows removed, we’ll do so for you. We provide only 100% complete window installation and replacement services.

What sets Home Comfort Inspections apart from the rest of the pack is that it genuinely cares about the environment. And this is the reason why we know how to give you what you need.