solar-windows-2Home Comfort Inspections sells world class, high quality, and aesthetically pleasing energy efficient windows. These windows are equipped with solar cells, which make them extra useful and functional. You can choose from a variety of sizes and design, and can even ask us to personalize them for you.

Our premier services, however, are energy efficient window installation and replacement. Because we care aim to satisfy you, we offer only the most comprehensive, efficient, and environmentally friendly options.


Our energy efficient window installation personnel are trained to work in the most professional and efficient manner. They are well-trained, highly experienced, and customer-oriented. You are assured that they can do the job even with minimal or no supervision.

We offer you the following energy efficient window installation services:

For New Windows – Complete installation, from step one down to the last procedure, making sure that the windows work perfectly.

For Old Windows – We take down the old ones and install your new ones, making sure that every step is meticulously carried out. Our well-trained, professional personnel will not leave until they are sure your windows are in tiptop shape and work 100% well.


As previously mentioned, Home Comfort Inspections also offers replacement services. If you want your windows replaced with energy efficient ones, or you want to do away with your traditional ones, we have the complete package for you.

Our replacement experts are trained to work well and fast. If you want the replacement process done as soon as possible, we can do that for you. Of course, they follow professional practices, so you are guaranteed that the service you are getting is top-of-the-line.

And, of course, we don’t want to give you any discomfort. So, we perform the complete process; we remove the old windows, replace them with new ones, and make sure they are correctly installed.

World-class service, only from Home Comfort Inspections.